This building used to house a telephone exchange.

Here, hunched over switchboards, busy operators would make connections between one caller and another. Now we make connections in person, coming together in our love of good food, expertly prepared, served with a smile.

Quite simply we want The Exchange to attract those who care about the complete experience of visiting a stellar café.

In Queenstown there’s always lots of choice for visitors – so we work hard to be known as the place locals choose to go. So, what do these Queenstown locals want from their café? To start with, it’s got to be consistent. Be it a short black coffee or a long lunch experience, they need to know everything is as good today as it was yesterday.

They also want a warm, friendly atmosphere, one with room to move, where a good conversation isn’t spoiled by blaring music or crowded and cramped tables. At The Exchange we take pride in offering multiple spaces that cover everything from relaxed dining to business meetings, casual catch-ups to large groups.

Finally, our customers expect an entirely delectable, utterly unforgettable menu. From our world-famous Eggs Benedict to the constantly changing, seasonally based cabinet food, we deliver this menu.

Dog friendly

We're proud to be a dog friendly space.

Our covered outdoor area, hydration station and doggy treats, mean you can relax and enjoy a meal with your furry friends.